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An important aim of BEST EN is to contribute to knowledge of the principles and practice of sustainable tourism. For a destination to develop sustainably organisations must adopt business strategies and activities that meet the needs of the enterprise and its stakeholders today while protecting, sustaining, and enhancing human and natural resources into the future. The BEST EN research agenda acknowledges that the sustainable business has interdependent economic, environmental and social objectives, and understands that long-term viability depends on integrating all three objectives in decision-making. Rather than regarding social and environmental objectives as operating costs, a sustainable enterprise seeks opportunities for profit in achieving these goals to the benefit of the environment, communities, and other stakeholders, including future generations.
Participants have the opportunity of assessing the current state of knowledge on the topic, both conceptual and applied, to identify gaps in this knowledge, and to formulate an agenda for research which meets stakeholder needs. Thus, the BEST EN Think Tanks provide a unique opportunity for participants to develop cutting edge research on topics related to the sustainable operations of tourism enterprises.

Think Tank Topic
2007 Innovation in the Private Sector
2006 Corporate Social Responsibility for Sustainable Tourism
2005 Managing Risk and Crisis for Sustainable Tourism

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