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EarthWire environmental news service

Ever been faced with a situation where you need recent news on the environment, and time is running out but you do not know where to start? Well, EarthWire might just be the right answer for you.
EarthWire, an environment news service introduced by UNEP/GRID-Arendal in 1999, provides a daily overview of the environment as reported in the media. Collecting environmental news from across continents, the service largely depends on the availability of media on the Internet. It also collects audios, videos, press releases and news from research organisations, the public as well as the private sector and environmental organisations. EarthWire gives you a free daily overview of environmental news from Norway, the United Kingdom, Kazakhstan, Africa and global climate news.

Every working day, a team of editors reviews national, regional and local media sources for environment and sustainable development-related news stories. Relevant stories are included in EarthWire where they can be viewed by country, topic, or time period. A search engine allows users to search for issues and keywords in the archive. Press releases and news from research organisations, the public and private sectors, and environmental organisations are included as well. The items are archived according to topic and region and can be searched in time covering several years back. EarthWire is used by government officials as a briefing on the day’s environmental news, by journalists following hot issues, by students and researchers looking for current information on the state of the environment, and by anyone interested in current events and the environment.

This information is from GRIP-Arendal.
Click here to go to EarthWire Climate, which focuses on the issue of climate change.
Click here to go to EarthWire Marine, which focuses on marine issues.

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