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Categories: projects in Peru, Guyana and Honduras progressing smoothly

Progress Reports have been received from all three winning projects of this years Ecotourism Awards. The reports reveal that the implementation of these eco projects is well under way and progressing smoothly. In particular:

The Jane Crouch (Intrepid Travel, Australia) “Water Filters in Chichubamba Community – Peru” project involves the provision of ceramic water filters and training in their use and maintenance to the people of Chichubamba South Community in Peru. So far, a town meeting was held to explain the project, the production of the 80 ceramic water filters was completed and water containers were purchased for the preparation of the installation in the community. On August 13 there was a meeting with the first group of 15 recipients and each were given a complete water filter. The households also gave a water sample which will be tested to obtain a base line of comparison before and after filter use. The goal is to work with one group every two weeks.
Full report

The Judy Karwacki (Small Planet Consulting, Canada) Winning Project “From Wild to Web – Guyana” involves providing laptops and cameras to a village Wildlife Club, so that they learn how to digitally document field projects and upload them online. The purchase of the equipment has been completed and it will arrive in Guyana in mid-September as hand-luggage to avoid transport costs. Some of the youth have begun to walk short transects and visit the pit traps’ and others are being encouraged to look at the variety of social networking sites available and decide which ones suit the type of publications that they hope to create using the new equipment. The ecological monitoring program will begin in earnest in September once the equipment has arrived and the youth are back at school in September.
Full report

The Manuel Apaza (ICADE, Honduras) Winning Project: “Creating a Community Tourism Cooperative – Honduras” aims to organise a local tourism cooperative for the community of Buenos Aires near the Cusuco National Park. Despite the political turmoil in Honduras, two workshops already took place in August, one on “Organization Alternatives” and one on “Cooperative Basics”. In the first workshop, the community members were presented with various company structure options and then chose the “Empresa de Servicios Multiples en Turismo” structure. In the second workshop, the community members learned about the history of cooperatives in Honduras, their function and their structure. They then chose their representatives, the name of the business and gave the project organiser all the basic documentation to start the legal procedure.
Full report

This year’s Awards theme is “Their Crisis, Our Communities – progressive change through Social Ecotourism”. We asked our Members, tourism professionals, academics & students to undertake innovative projects that help create ‘another world’ at the grass roots level and improve life for all in their communities. The winners were determined in a direct democratic fashion by Member Vote and the winning projects implementation and completion is transparently presented and monitored online at All three projects must be completed by November 1, 2009.

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This article is quoted from EcoClub Newsletter . The article was originally published on 2009-09-14.

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