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Ecolodges: Exploring Opportunities for Sustainable Business

Quoted from International Finance Corporation.

Addressing and preventing the impacts of climate change and preserving the global environment are key challenges facing the world today. There are no instant solutions to these problems; they are complex, global issues that defy resolution by any single program or institution.

The study Ecolodges: Exploring Opportunities for Sustainable Business emphasize environmental, social and economic sustainability in the ecolodge sector. It will be useful to public and private organizations, donors, financiers, advisors, ecolodge operators and others who contribute to the sustainable growth of the ecolodge industry.

This is the report content:
Background: The Ecolodge Marketplace
Ecotourism Policy
The Business Case: How Can Ecolodges be Financially Viable?
What Are the Potential Positive and Negative Impacts?
Conclusion: The Future of the Ecolodge Market
Appendix A: Key Baseline Indicators for Biodiversity Impact: A Monitoring and Evaluation Framework for Ecolodges
Appendix B: Table A.1: Lodge Listings by Country
Appendix C: Case Studies
Appendix D: Contact List

This article is written by Majbritt Thomsen, administrator on ‘Views On Tourism’.

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