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English curriculum increases economic opportunity in community-based tourism

Quoted from the NATR (North Andaman Tsunami Relief) web-page:

In the wake of the tsunami, many affected villages have begun to develop forms of alternate income such as handicrafts and community-based tourism. In tandem, the number of foreign visitors to the area is increasing, and new attractions are being developed. Fearing that many of the benefits of tourism could accrue to outsiders, local villagers requested English lessons as a key component of an overall empowerment strategy. NATR’s English programs provide effective, engaging language training designed to increase economic opportunity. We focus our efforts on rural adults, as they often lack access to further education.
The English team at NATR has developed a wide range of resources, including lesson plans, worksheets, homework assignments, language assessments, feedback forms, flashcards, and realia. We have compiled two complete English curriculums and also developed several visionary products that promote mutual language learning in a homestay setting. Each of these resources is based on differences in learning environment, availability of trained teachers, time available for lessons, and student skill level.
All materials are free to download and print (requires Adobe Reader); however, we do request that you please share any feedback you have about the materials, including how you used them and what we can do to improve them.

Download the teaching materials at: NATR

This link was send to Views On Tourism by the Bodhi Garrett, founder of the Thai organisation NATR (North Andaman Tsunami Relief). Bodhi is also founder of Andaman Discoveries.

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