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EU buyers’ requirements: Benchmarking the tourism industry

Environmental, health and safety, and social issues have become increasingly important in international trade, including the worlds’ largest economic sector, the tourist industry. This document describes buyers’ requirements in the tourist sector with regard to these issues that can be used to:

(1) find out the range of issues that tour operators (may) pay attention to in their purchase policy in the destination country as well as
(2) have an understanding of the issues that European consumers might find important when choosing their tour operator or holiday destination.

The external links can be used to get additional information on sustainable standards, guidelines and best practices as being used presently in the tourism industry.

Publication date: September, 2004

Download the report ’EU buyers’ requirements: Benchmarking the tourism industry ’ at CBI .

This article is written by Majbritt Thomsen, administrator on ‘Views On Tourism’.

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