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How to become the best, biggest, leading, unique and most professional

There are many professional tourism players in Bangladesh, but how do you become the leading in a field?

Many companies in the country, including many national tourist companies, advertise that they are the leading, most professional, eco-friendly, sustainable, first or biggest firm in the country. Products and services are marketed as being the best, biggest, unique, cheapest etc. Destinations are also sold through the most positive evaluating adjectives, like in the above example from a local tour operator ad:

Land of enormous beauty, hundreds of serpentine rivers, crystal clear water lakes surrounded by ever green hills, luxuriant tropical rain forests, beautiful cascades of green tea gardens, world’s largest mangrove forest preserved as World Heritage, home of the Royal Bengal Tiger and the wild lives, warbling of birds in green trees, wind in the paddy fields, abundance of sunshine, world’s longest natural sea beach, rich cultural heritage, relics of ancient Buddhist civilizations and colorful tribal lives, – Bangladesh creates an unforgettable impression of a land of peace and tranquility.

In my (western) experience a company should be careful with this highly evaluating marketing tactic. Bottom line is that logically multiple companies in the same field can not share the leading title. Furthermore, as a customer, I do not like to be told how to evaluate a company or their services. If I choose to buy, I will do the evaluation my self. Let me explain what leads me to this conclusion.

When companies state that they are the best, first, biggest or leading in a field, I am very aware that this statement is a part of their PR to convince me to buy. I actually do not believe such a statement about a company, unless this statement comes from an independent, and for me trustworthy, source – like friends, family, colleagues, existing customers, travel writers, recognized service or customer awards etc.

When I choose to buy from one of these (oversold?) companies, I will have increased focus on what I have been promised. Am I really getting excellent service, best quality, unique experience etc? In other words, I will have sky high expectations and/or suspiciousness whether or not the company can live up to their promise. If the company can not live up to my expectations, I will not be completely satisfied with my purchase. If this same company wants to impress me, then they have to deliver even better than my expectations.
Trust me; I am not alone with this kind of customer behavior.

A company must be very aware of the mechanisms that their marketing statements create. The level of success and professionalism in a company can be shown in many ways – an updated web-page, high quality pictures, focus on customer demand and caring for the small details.

Study shows that when it comes to the best advertisement to potential customers, the most effective marketing channel is word of mouth recommendations from people already familiar with your company. In tourism, like in any other business, satisfied customers, employees and partners are alpha and omega.
The reason to this is that satisfied people become repeated customers, reliable employees and loyal partners. Their recommendation to potential customers is the best PR a company can get – success and a leading position in your field will follow naturally.

This article is written by Majbritt Thomsen, administrator on ‘Views On Tourism’.

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