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How to reach long distance markets – Scandinavian example

What can national tourism boards do to improve their country marketing in a far away market? The Scandinavian countries in Europe, Denmark, Norway and Sweden, has joined hands to reach the Asia-Pacific markets. Be inspired by the profile of Scandinavian Tourist Board and their Asia-Pacific marketing approach.

Who we are
Scandinavian Tourist Board – or STB as we are more popularly known – is a joint initiative by the national tourist boards of Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. STB is responsible for promoting Scandinavia and Scandinavian tourism products in the Asia-Pacific markets, with particular emphasis on the major markets of Japan and China, and a focus approach to the promising markets of Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Thailand. The main tasks of STB include producing market intelligence, carrying out promotional and PR activities, educating and supporting the local travel trade, and thus ultimately boosting lucrative, high-end tourism to Scandinavia.
STB is fully owned by VisitDenmark (formerly the Danish Tourist Board), Innovation Norway (which includes the former Norwegian Tourist Board), and Visit Sweden (the former Swedish Travel and Tourism Council). The STB regional head office is located in Tokyo, while Beijing, Shanghai, Seoul, and Manila are home to our market offices and representatives. In markets with no direct representation, STB collaborates with Scandinavian entities such as the respective embassies, consulates, and trade offices.

What We Do
STB offers the most comprehensive and professional palette of tourism promotion tools in Asia-Pacific. Our extensive network and more than 30 years of experience ensure that none of our competitors provide the same range of services or the same level of quality at the same low price.
STB’s vast network of both Scandinavian and non-Scandinavian travel trade companies, governmental organizations, NGOs, non-profit organizations, as well as non-tourism related businesses and media compose a solid foundation for STB’s many different activities. And it is, as a matter of course, at the disposal of all our partners.

The overall ambitions of STB are:
– To increase high-end Asia-Pacific travel to Scandinavia
– To increase awareness of Scandinavia and Scandinavian brand values in Asia-Pacific
– To increase awareness and knowledge of Scandinavian partner products in the Asia-Pacific markets
– Develop and nurture Asia-Pacific tourism as a key contributor to the Scandinavian economies

Within tourism in Asia-Pacific, STB works to:
– Ensure STB as the main promotion coordinator
– Establish STB as main hub for product and market development
– Realize STB as main tourism know-how center
– Become prime vehicle for Scandinavian branding and communications in Asia-Pacific in order to turn Scandinavia into a household name in the region

STB Mission

The objectives of STB are:
– To be known as the most knowledgeable marketing center regarding Asia- Pacific outbound tourism
– To ensure our competences and knowledge is made available to the Scandinavian travel industry
– To maintain a commercially oriented and competitive organization
– To increase understanding of the importance of the Asia-Pacific outbound travel markets in Scandinavia
– To be recognized by both private and public entities in Scandinavia as the prime PR agency for Scandinavian branding in Asia-Pacific

Working within a complex, fast paced, multi-cultural environment, a guiding set of unifying values is imperative to securing progress and focus. STB values are:

STB Values

All STB activities are carried out within these values, which provide the flexibility needed for solving different and sudden challenges while securing uniform results and maintaining same high level of quality.

STB functions as a bridge linking Asia-Pacific with Scandinavia. Whenever a tourist expresses an interest in visiting Scandinavia, we make sure this request is accommodated: that products are available and salable. This way we help our partners realize the full potentials of the Asia-Pacific markets.

New ideas including new business approaches and unconventional alliances are vital for staying ahead in our industry characterized by harsh competition and falling margins.

Apply the right mix of knowledge and resources to produce extraordinary results.

Only by continuously generating new knowledge will we maintain our competitive edge and provide our partners with the best services possible.

This information is quoted from Scandinavian Tourist Board, About STB . Click here to go to Scandinavian Tourist Board .

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