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Islamic Countries Have Huge Potentials to Promote Eco-Tourism

Tehran, 5 March 2007 (CHN Foreign Desk) – The evening session of the last day of the International Conference on Tourism of Islamic Countries opened up with a lecture by Dr. Nasser Karami, director general of the Centre for Sustainable Development and Environment of Iran whose speech revolved around the topic of eco-tourism in Islamic countries.

Trying to come up with a definition of Islamic Tourism, Dr. Karami said: “The terminology of the very term ‘Islamic Tourism’ must first be defined precisely. It must be indicated that ‘Islamic’ here is the principal factor which defines much of the term. One could relate Islamic tourism to the geographic location of Islamic countries whose culture is shaped according to their social, economic and geographical similarities.”

He then pointed to another aspect of Islamic tourism which suggests that it means visiting places of religious significance, also known as pilgrimage tourism.

Examining another way to look at this kind of tourism, Dr. Karami added that Islamic tourism does not necessarily mean visiting religious places; rather it means a kind of tourism that is based on respecting the beliefs of the others and observing moral and ethical codes when traveling to another country.

Regarding ecotourism in Islamic countries, director general of the Centre for Sustainable Development and Environment said that due to their geographical locations, these countries have enormous potentials in the field of ecotourism and must therefore pay more attention to their natural attractions. “It would be a good idea to focus on spiritual tours which gives tourists a sense of exploring the beauty of nature as opposed to going on eco tours for the sole purpose of entertainment,” added Dr. Karami.
S. Omid Arab contributed in writing this report.

This article is quoted from Iran’s Cultural Heritage News Agency (CHN) . The article was originally published on 2008-03-05.

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