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Marketplace and Marketspace

The activity of marketing has traditionally occurred in a physical marketplace. But with the developments it is possible to market goods and services in marketspace, an electronic space where business occurs.

According to ‘Marketing – connecting with customers’ (Harrell, Gilbert 2002 p. 20-21) marketspace transactions take place via the Internet, interactive television or CD-ROMs, ATM machines, online services shopping channels and others.

Numerous marketspaces available on the Internet are ideal for searching for consumer goods and services. International examples of marketspaces in tourism are Trip Adviser, Responsible Travel and Travel to Care

One exampel of the lokal Bangladeshi market is Somewhere in Dhaka

Some predict that the growth of marketspace will eventually result in the eradication of marketplaces. Newer the less the eradication of marketplaces altogether is unlikely for several reasons. For example the technology does not offer the social dimension of shopping in a marketplace and it does not give the consumer a chance to physically touch, test, compare and try on products.

This article is written by Majbritt Thomsen, administrator on ‘Views On Tourism’.

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