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Report on lessons learnt from sustainable tourism development In Thailand

Many players in the tourism sector talk about sustainable development, but what are the lessons to be learned from the players in front? Knowledge and inspiration on this subject is provided in the report: ‘Strengthening Local Practice and Sharing Lessons Learned – Developing Community Tourism on the North Andaman Coast’. The report was prepared in December, 2008.

Executive Summary of report:

As part of the LLS Strategy’s Thailand Component, the North Andaman Community Tourism Network (N-ACT) has increased the contribution of tourism to sustainable livelihoods and sound ecosystem management by providing communities with access to the best available knowledge and practices. Recognizing the outstanding natural and cultural resources of the North Andaman area, N-ACT focused its community-level efforts in Kuraburi district of Phang Nga province and the adjacent districts of Kapoe and Suksamran in Ranong Province.

In its first phase, N-ACT generated tangible benefit through cooperative engagement with stakeholders including community members, tour operators, media, and government officers. From April to December of 2008, the network provided:

• Initial engagement with community tourism stakeholders and synthesis of baseline information
• Relationship-building between stakeholders leading to mutual benefit, and ongoing cooperation
• Increased promotion capacity for community tourism groups and local businesses

This paper summarizes the first phase of N-ACT’s work and identifies features that may be useful in setting up community tourism networks elsewhere. Through careful selection of core partners and a network structure that built capacity while being locally appropriate, N-ACT generated tangible benefits for stakeholders, policy influence, and support for conservation.

Download the entire report at strengthening-local-practice-and-sharing-lessons-learned

The report was send to ‘Views On Tourism’ by the writer Bodhi Garrett, Coordinator of N-ACT Community Network and founder of North Andaman Tsunami Relief.

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