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10 Reasons for travel agents and tour operators to go green

Being green has many advantages and opportunities: plus the chance to do something that actually benefits our fellow human beings
1. Don’t lose out: Pop into your local supermarket and hang around for a couple of hours. Watch the people that buy organic, fair trade, free range, unrefined and all that kind of stuff. Did they exist 20 years ago? Will they buy ANYTHING ELSE now – even if you give it to them? No? Will they taint their credit cards dealing with someone who ISN’T GREEN? As the green economy kicks in this is a whole market segment that YOU WILL LOSE if you don’t go green too.

2. Eventually you’re going to have to do it. You’ll either do it early, the same time as everybody else, late, or never. The benefits will diminish the later you green up.

3. Make what you do more relevant. How often do you go home wondering if what you and your colleagues do is, in the long run a waste of time? By going green, you’ll get more and more relevant to the problems we all face.

4. Make more money out of what you do by adding value. Green is definitely adding value to the whole travel process. Added value for customers; added value for destinations; added value for travel arrangements. It all should convert to added profits for you.

5. Discover lots of new friends and potential business partners. The fact is that as more and more businesses go green, more and more green co-operative arrangements become possible. Green partnerships could benefit your business.

6. Join the green club. Green is like a society where everyone knows each other. Your green credentials act like membership cards to a very exclusive club where you can do business at will.

7. Actually save money do it yourself. It’s not just about what you do, but how your company gets green advantages itself – recycling, minimizing waste, reusing and, above all minimizing your energy use pays big financial benefits to you too.

8. Corporate and government business will not come your way unless you have a concrete green approach.

9. Green MICE is the area which is far and away out in front of the rest of the industry. Most clients won’t even consider you if you don’t pass their green criteria.

10. Get all the other benefits – it’s not only about business, it’s about living a better, happier, more harmonious life – yourself. Sounds good? Why not try it. All the financial and business benefits listed above PLUS a happier life.

Writer, Valere Tjolle

This article is a quoted from Travelmole newsletter from 2010-1-8. To read the original article please follow this link .

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