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Katalyst to implement strategies for the Bangladeshi Tourism Sector

Introduction to Katalyst
Katalyst is considered to be one of the most successful market development projects in the world. Since 2003 Katalyst has achieved significant jobs and income impact by increasing the competitiveness of micro, small and medium sized enterprises in selected urban and rural sectors. Katalyst follows a pro-poor, market development approach in promoting economic growth. We focus on sectors with high growth potential in terms of jobs, productivity, and profitability, and where there are other strategic economic considerations (such as export potential). Katalyst partners with a wide range of private and public sector organizations in order to leverage our resources and maximize impact.

Tourism overview
Considering the geographical location and topography, Bangladesh is one of the most diverse nations in the region with significant prospects for tourism development. It is ideal for nature-based and cultural tourism making it an attractive destination for both inbound and domestic tourists. As of 2008, the Tourism Industry’s contribution to GDP was 3.9% according to the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC). Whereas the real GDP growth rate is expected to average at 6.0% per annum over the coming ten years.

Since the Tourism Industry encompasses several underlying sectors. The prominent ones are Transportation, Accommodation, Food and Beverage, Entertainment/Activities and Shopping. Thus, it has a huge potential to generate employment, both male and female. According to Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation (BPC) job creation is growing 1.5 times faster in tourism than in any other industrial sector and present estimates suggest that the total employment in this sector (direct and indirect), is 3.2% of total employment in the country.

At present, the tourism industry of Bangladesh is at its infancy. And it has a very small contribution to rapid growth of Tourism in Asia, particularly in the South Asian region of the world where growth is approximately 8% as per the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). The constraints for which the sector is struggling to keep up with the growth pace of other Asian countries are

• lack of effective policy and planning,
• inadequate destination infrastructure including environmental degradation,
• lack of developed tourism facilities,
• lack of access to skilled manpower,
• poor tourism awareness and
• lack of promotion are the major impediments hindering the growth of this sector.

Despite this, BPC estimates illustrate that annual growth of the inbound tourists over the last 8 years has been 8% on average. Apart from inbound tourists, due to a growing middle income population with higher disposable income, domestic tourism is also increasing with strong and sustained average growth rates of about 25% per annum. Hence, there is scope for improving both inbound and domestic tourist flow within the country.

Katalyst plans to facilitate the industry players to reach full potential by working around the constraints of this sector. Katalyst’s vision for this sector is therefore to develop “a strengthened and competitive tourism sector that contributes greater economic and social benefits to the people of Bangladesh with increased employment and enterprise opportunities, by responding to market demand, and by enhancing the country’s image”.

The strategies for the Tourism Sector comprise of the following:
• Organization and Policy Strategy- Strengthen public and private sector in policy planning and promotion
• Product Development Strategy- Stimulate the creation of new tourism products and improve the existing ones
• Capacity building and Skills development Strategy-Develop skills and capacity to upgrade tourism operations and services and ensure access to skilled workforce
• Promotion and Marketing Strategy- Enhance information flow and tourism promotion to target tourists

This article is a quoted from Katalyst read the original article please follow this link .

There are so many visionary people and valuable resources related to a sustainable tourism development in Bangladesh. If these forces are united great things will happen – both on grass root, private sector and at government level.
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