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Natural Capital Stewardship: A Basis for Travel & Tourism Competitiveness

The article ‘Natural Capital Stewardship: A Basis for Travel & Tourism Competitiveness’ (2008) published in The Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Report 2008 by World Economic Forum. Article writers are JULIA MARTON-LEFÈVRE, Director General, International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and STEVE MCCOOL, Professor Emeritus, Department of Society and Conservation, The University of Montana (USA)

Below quote is from the article

The rapid growth in international travel projected in the near future has significant implications for the world’s natural heritage.This heritage, which includes national parks and monuments, game reserves, wild rivers, mountains and landscapes, has become a major attraction for travelers who wish to view, experience, and engage in nature. More than 100,000 protected areas exist today, covering about 12 percent of the globe’s terrestrial surface.
Another 4,600 marine protected areas have also been designated, protecting 0.6 percent of the oceans. The doubling of international arrivals between 2005 and 2020 (projected by the World Tourism Organization) means that natural heritage will be put under even greater pressure, but also means that the opportunities to use tourism to fund stewardship of this natural capital also increase dramatically. Natural heritage often forms the foundation for a nation’s Travel & Tourism (T&T) industry, particularly in poor developing countries, which tend to have a rich natural heritage.

Download the entire article through this link Natural Capital Stewardship A Basis for Travel & Tourism Competitiveness

This knowledge source was provided by Elisabeth Fahrni Mansur, Training & Education Coordinator at Bangladesh Cetacean Diversity Project/Wildlife Conservation Society.

The article is uploaded by Majbritt Thomsen, administrator on ‘Views On Tourism’.

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