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SEE Turtles Responsible Tourism Policy

Worldwide, sea turtle conservationists are working to find economic alternatives to poaching and destructive fishing practices. Conservation programs often replace or reduce markets for direct use of turtle products in low-income communities, resulting in resentment and low involvement in conservation efforts. Conservationists have a moral obligation to develop ways for local residents to benefit economically from turtle protection programs that reduce their income. A promising alternative for some communities is a modest, carefully managed tourism program that generates income for residents and conservation programs while minimizing negative impacts.

As a non-profit conservation tourism project, SEE Turtles’ entire function is to support important sea turtle habitat and the communities that surround them. The primary goal of this project is to encourage the transition away from destructive and consumptive uses of sea turtles by providing alternative sources of income for local communities. Secondary goals are to support field conservation efforts through increased income and technical support; to set the standard for turtle-friendly ecotourism and elevate sea turtles into a top wildlife attraction; and to inspire life-long conservationists for the ocean and marine wildlife.

Download the full report here .

This article is quoted from Tourism ROY Newsletter published on 2010-04-09.

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