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Views On Tourism Newsletter June

Dear Sir or Madam
The Views On Tourism Project vision a long-term active sustainable tourism movement in Bangladesh by encouraging knowledge-sharing and cooperation at all levels. A positive local, national and regional tourism development depends on the sustainable knowledge, visions and actions of so many people. Uniting these forces through free of cost online communication platforms has the power to increase long-term positive initiatives – on grass root, private sector, government and regional level.

Since December 2008 multiple Views On Tourism activities have encouraged this tourism movement in Bangladesh both online and off-line. The level of awareness has increased every month.
In May the Views On Tourism knowledge and inspiration blog had over 80.000 hits by more than 11.000 readers from 100 different countries. In chronological sequence the largest numbers of readers are from USA, Bangladesh, Belarus, Russian Federation, Canada, Denmark and UK. The most active countries with an average of more than 20 hits pr visitor are from Bangladesh, South Africa, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Germany, India, Nepal, Russian Federation and Sweden. The Bangladeshi awareness is in reality much larger though, as several blog articles have been printed in local media.

The Views On Tourism network and discussion group has reached a total of 290 members. In May 53 new members joined, but more important is the increased lively, visionary and constructive group interaction. The most active discussion with 40 comments has the title ‘How do you think the Bangladeshi tourism sector should be developed the next 1, 5 and 10 years?’.

As a Danish expat living, travelling and working in Bangladesh since 2007, I now feel love for the country, sympathy for its people and passion for a local sustainable tourism development. I initiated and manage the Views On Tourism Project, but by the support of so many local visionary people this project has grown much larger than me. It is with very mixed feelings that I have decided to move permanently back to my home country at the end June. I hope one day to have the opportunity to return to Bangladesh to work for a more sustainable tourism industry.
I will still do the basic online managing of the Views On Tourism Project from Denmark, but my work or physical location does actually not determinate the future development and success of the project or the Bangladeshi sustainable tourism movement. The key element is local ownership – getting even more people to encourage a sustainable tourism development through their actions. In my point of view this is just a natural part of a human obligation to make a positive society impact.
I welcome you to use the Views On Tourism project as a sustainable tourism communication platform when increasing knowledge, sharing best practice, spreading information, making comments, announcing events, starting discussions, sending group invitations, network, cooperate ……..
This is indeed interesting times to experience the growing sustainable tourism movement in Bangladesh and South Asia. I am honored to play my part.

Yours faithfully Majbritt Thomsen
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