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What can I do to be a sustainable tour operator?

Simple things you can do:
• If sensitive areas are included in your itineraries, give customers information to educate them about the natural and cultural features of visited sites;
• Provide customers with guidelines on how to avoid causing damage when visiting sensitive areas — for example, maintaining appropriate distances from wildlife, staying on trails to avoid trampling plants or causing erosion and keeping water and energy use down to avoid related impacts on the environment;
• Limit the size of groups, or divide large groups into smaller ones when visiting sensitive areas;
• Inform protected area managers of visits ahead of time and discuss with them ways to reduce visitor impacts;
• Choose locally owned and operated suppliers, and integrate sustainability principles into selection criteria and service agreements; and
• Make financial contributions to conservation and development projects and encourage your clients to do so as well.

This article is quoted from Frequently Asked Questions published by The Rainforest Alliance.
The article is uploaded by Majbritt Thomsen, administrator on ‘Views On Tourism’.

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