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Crowdsourced Travel reaches 1/3rd of its lower funding target

Travel writer and author Mikey Leung has started a compelling campaign in Bangladesh called “Crowdsourced Travel” — the goal being to create awareness of Bangladesh as a tourism destination and begin building the foundation to promote its marketing abroad. Here’s a video series that explains what Leung’s project is about and shows what kind of tourism Leung would like to promote.

“Tourism has an enormous potential to create jobs and economic benefit for Bangladesh,” says Leung. “At Crowdsourced Travel, we believe that this potential could be used to attack Bangladesh’s most vexing issue – poverty.”

The campaign is using a new form of fundraising called “Crowdfunding” by which a series of donors/supporters pledge small amounts. The cumulative effect of their donations allows a creative project to meet a funding goal. If the funding target is not met, the pledges are not collected and the project does not proceed.

“Crowdfunding is a severe test of audience coherence and the strength of the project creators to bind their audience into a cause,” says Leung. “If we’re not successful making our lower funding target, then we know that there are not enough resources to pursue a tourism marketing project at this point in time.”

The campaign has six weeks left and $10,000 left to raise for its lower funding goal, but has managed $5,000 in pledges so far. For more information please view the above videos and visit the campaign website. Also, a beautiful resource of photographs is being created at the Positive Light website.

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