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GuideTo and the Travel Planner

Learn how works in this introductory video, as well as see an overview of the Tour Planner, a calendar-based tool to manage your tours and keep your clients, suppliers and employees on the same page.

Connect with other travel professionals in a FREE and fast growing network
FreeNomads is tailored for professionals in the tourism industry: tour operators, tour guides, hotel managers, transport providers; you name it -all harnessing the power of a travel-focused social network (and without the distractions that other networks would bring), and the only cost to register is five minutes of your time!

Put your travel business on the map

The maps show FreeNomads participants November 2012. Follow the link to join FreeNomads .

About is the result of many years of experience on the fields of tourism and economics and the knowledge accumulated through consultancy in several countries. FreeNomads is based on the concept of the value chain approach, which focuses on the relationships between businesses and relationships between businesses and the factors affecting the performance of a tourism destination.

Factors affecting the performance include access to end markets through actors in different functions of the value chain –in particular tour operators-; the global, national, regional and local business enabling environments; vertical linkages between actors that permit the flow of services and access to markets, learning and benefits; horizontal linkages between like firms to create economies of scale and bargaining power; sector-specific, cross-cutting business and financial service markets; and opportunities for firm-level upgrading.

All these elements are either part of the design of FreeNomads or can be integrated in the platform, making of FreeNomads a powerful application to increase competitiveness in a destination, fostering links and relationships between actors, facilitating access to end markets, promoting a destination, understanding the key constrains of the value chain and streamlining regulations for the tourism sector. FreeNomads can be also used as a platform to promote biodiversity conservation and reduce poverty in remote areas through the value chain links.

Albeit being one of the most important sectors in the world’s economy, tourism is behind technology. Most tour operators and service providers still rely on outdated technologies or have to produce their own software, a major limitation for firm-level upgrading. FreeNomads offers a platform with key tools for the actors of the value chain, including shared calendars, which allow all members to stay synchronized, chat, an email application, a directory of flights and airports and an application to manage your employees. All this applications are for free. FreeNomads is committed to continue developing new applications for the platform.

In brief, FreeNomads offers tour operators, guides, hotels, and restaurants, cruise boats, land transportation providers –you name it-, a business platform with the advantages of a social network but without its distractions.

If you need further information, please contact us:
865 Grenola Dr.,
94518 Concord
California, U.S.A.

Follow the link to join FreeNomads .

This article is quoted from FreeNomads .

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