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About Views On Tourism

2 farveMajbritt Magnussen, Danish MA of Tourism, has since 2008 carefully selected articles and links on ‘Views on Tourism’ with the objective to supply the Bangladeshi tourism players with knowledge and inspiration on sustainable development. This being said the majority of information is also useful for an international audience facing similar tourism challenges or who wish to try and think outside the box.

Furthermore, the information available on this blog follows two fundamental positions on tourism developing approaches:
• Knowledge and cooperation are the best resources when it comes to increasing professionalism, sustainability and competitiveness in all levels of the tourism sector.
• Developing and maintaining a desirable tourism product includes both focus on customer demands and a strategically sustainable destination development approach, which takes the economy, environment and social development of a region into consideration.

What is The Views On Tourism Project?
The overall vision of The Views On Tourism Project is to encourage an active sustainable tourism movement in Bangladesh, South Asian and world-wide.
This Views On Tourism blog provides knowledge, best practice and inspiration on how to achieve a long-term positive and sustainable tourism development. Furthermore I encourage increased interaction among the Bangladeshi and South Asian sustainable tourism stakeholders through an introduction of the Bangladeshi tourism and key sustainable tourism stakeholders and The Views On Tourism Network group, a professional communication platform uniting the multiple tourism stakeholders in Bangladesh and South Asia. Follow this link to read the group introduction and become a group member.

It all started in Bangladesh ….
Let there be no doubt national as well as international: “The Bangladeshi tourism sector has indeed potential to develop – if the country learns from the success and failures of other tourism destinations”. This is my profound conviction, Majbritt Thomsen (now Majbritt Magnussen), a Danish expatriate with a MA in tourism, living and travelling in Bangladesh from 2007 to 2010, writer of the DANIDA report Introduction to the tourism industry in Bangladesh (2008) and who is still in ongoing contact with a variety of people and key stakeholders related to the national and regional tourism sector.

The Views On Tourism project started as my one woman project in late 2008, based on an urge to facilitate Bangladeshi access to tourism knowledge and networking. Get an overview of my PR initiatives including seminars and articles on the status of the Bangladeshi tourism sector, the potential of a sustainable tourism development and the concept of the Views On Tourism Project.
June 2010 I moved back to Denmark. At that time the online awareness of the Views On Tourism Project included 57.000 blog readers and 324 group members. December 2014 marked the 6 year anniversary, 1.500.000 blog visitors and 1650 group members. See today’s group member status here.
In 2012 I were BTF (Bangladesh Tourism Foundation) Tourism Award Winner in category ‘Special Contribution to Tourism’. I am honoured to receive this award from Bangladesh Tourism Foundation, but the success of The Views On Tourism Project is the work of each user of the knowledge blog and network. My warmest thank goes to the sustainable tourism stakeholders out there using these services.

Uniting forces can encourage a long-term sustainable tourism development in South Asia
World-wide there is an increasing interest for sustainable tourism knowledge and network. Through the Views On Tourism Project I have experienced how resourceful sustainable tourism stakeholders when united inspire new sustainable activities and initiatives, which lead to long-term success on personal, company, destination and regional level.

The Views On Tourism Project is offered as an online communication platform for a sustainable tourism movement in Bangladesh and South Asia.
To further strengthening this positive tourism movement will require increased local commitment, long-term sustainable initiatives and action. This is already happening and there is no doubt that if the tourism stakeholders in Bangladesh and South Asia unite they have the resources, knowledge and visions to succeed.

I will continue to manage the basic Views On Tourism services from Denmark. It is my hope to experience the growth of an active Bangladeshi and South Asian grass-root tourism movement through the free of cost Views On Tourism services.

This is interesting and very important times and you can make a different …
Read more about the Views On Tourism network group, why tourism cooperation is so important and how to improve your professional network skills here.

Yours sincerely, Majbritt Magnussen

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