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Views On Tourism is part of the professional online network LinkedIn!

2 farveI invite you to become a member of the LinkedIn group ‘Views On Tourism – Bangladeshi network and discussion’, which is a professional online group uniting national, regional and international stakeholders related to, or interested in, a sustainable tourism development in Bangladesh and South Asia.

Logo1The potential of this network group is huge! Imagine a national tourism network where members can interact, national as well international, to exchange views, find new employees, develop sustainable destinations, start up innovative products, announce events or launch investment possibilities. The ultimate network goal is to unite the professional, knowledgeable and visionary people, and become a pioneer force in encouraging a sustainable tourism movement in Bangladesh and South Asia.

Read the group profile and become a member by following this link: Views On Tourism – Bangladeshi network and discussion.

The importance of an active tourism network
A crucial action to any player in the tourism sector is networking in order to get individual success and at the same time to obtain an economic, socio-cultural and environmental sustainable destination development. To know more about this topic read the article The complexity of tourism – and what to do about it, which provides an outline on the many players involved in a tourism industry, why networking is particularly crucial to the tourism industry and how to improve your own networking skills to achieve individual success as well as a sustainable destination development.

Online tourism networking
Face to face networking is important, but why not take these skills to a higher and broader level? An acknowledged successful tourism strategy is to enhance cooperation between the many tourism players national, regional and international.
Based on this experience, and input from several local Bangladeshi tourism players, I am convinced that Bangladeshi tourism could gain a lot by increasing online cooperation between the many different stakeholders in the industry. The objective to launch the online ‘Views On Tourism’ LinkedIn group in summer 2009 was hence to offer an efficient and professional network tool.
Follow the link to read the Views On Tourism group introduction and become a member

The future development of the Views On Tourism network group depends largely on the numbers of members, their profile, network and involvement. But with the many active group members I am very optimistic for the furture. If you find the Views On Tourism network appealing, please help making it stronger by inviting relevant people from your own network.

The forces of LinkedIn
LinkedIn is an online interconnected network of millions of experienced professionals around the world. Through LinkedIn you can easily find, be introduced to, and collaborate with qualified professionals that you need to work with to accomplish your goals.
To become a LinkedIn member go to once a member, start filling in your professional profile and build your network.
LinkedIn members have the option to join a large number of professional groups, where group members can get together online to discuss and network on specific topics.

Professional LinkedIn profile and network inspiration
Business is made by people and personal networking is important for success. Furthermore, a business introduction is an opportunity to give potential customers an overview of who you are and what you do.
The Views On Tourism Project highly recommend the use of online business network like LinkedIn. For inspiration, please follow these links:
LinkedIn Learning Center
LinkedIn New User Starter Guide
Using the Web to Meet People and Grow Your Business
HOW TO: Build Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn
HOW TO: Build Your Company’s Profile on LinkedIn
Writing your company introduction
How to make a company profile

This article is written by Majbritt Magnussen, administrator on ‘Views On Tourism’.

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