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There are several ways to keep you updated on the latest news from The Views On Tourism project.

Visit the Views On Tourism blog frequently
Keep yourself updated and inspired by regularly visiting this blog. The scale of tourism information is constantly growing through new articles and links.

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Subscribing to the ‘Views On Tourism’ RSS Feed is an easier way for you to be updated: whenever new articles are added to the blog a RSS news feed will appear on your computer screen. Look for orange on this page to subscribe to the RSS Feed.

Join the Views On Tourism network and discussion group
This is your solution if you want tourism network!
The views On Tourism online group has the aim to join national, regional and international stakeholders related to, or interested in, a sustainable tourism development in Bangladesh and South Asia. Furthermore the Views On Tourism group is part of the LinkedIn network, which interconnects millions of experienced professionals from around the world. New articles from the Views On Tourism blog are also available.
Learn the group introduction, present group size, group managers and become a member today through this link.

The big picture – knowledge and network for a better world
The Views On Tourism Project vision a sustainable tourism movement in Bangladesh and South Asia, encouraged by knowledge and cooperation on national, regional and international level.

Samuel Johnson, a British literary titan of the 18th century, made below statement April 18, 1775:

Knowledge is of two kinds. We know a subject ourselves, or we know where we can find information on it. When we enquire into any subject, the first thing we have to do is to know what books have treated of it. This leads us to look at catalogues, and at the backs of books in libraries.

The core message of Samuel Johnson’s statement is still relevant in the twenty-one century, but the Internet now offers the opportunity to foster knowledge sharing which surpasses constraints such as geographical location, resources and time for travel. Online collaboration tools also open up opportunities for new forms of knowledge sharing. Joining an online network can for example provide access to an abundant resource of individual experts or provide an efficient and effective way of accessing information.

The Views On Tourism Project is inspired by these new communication opportunities to encourage tourism knowledge sharing and increased cooperation. People with a point of view on the Bangladeshi and South Asian tourism (or general knowledge related to tourism) are encouraged to support this sustainable tourism movement.
• Give you point of view if you are a part of the ministries, departments or agencies.
• Share your knowledge as a tourism expert, researcher, private tourism developer or tour operator, university professor or hoteliers and aviation executive.
• Make your voice heard if you are a journalist, publisher, NGO worker, tourist, expat or citizen.

As stated by environmentalist Baba Dioum in 1968, knowledge is a crucial step to know what the right actions to achieve sustainable development are:

In the end we will conserve only what we love. We will love only what we understand. We will understand only what we are taught.

The article is written by Majbritt Magnussen, administrator on ‘Views On Tourism’.

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